Global Sourcing: Meet Baya St. Barth

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3 min readNov 18, 2022


Morpholio travels the world to bring you the very best for your boards.

New products from Baya St. Barth, now in the Board app’s Product Gallery

At Morpholio, we strive to connect creatives with the most incredible sources to inspire their designs. This year we’ve scoured the internet and the globe to discover several new and noteworthy brands that we think you’ll want to know. By bringing these collections into Board, we’re placing the most current, interesting and important sources at your fingertips while designing.

The Baya St. Barth collection includes furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

Our first feature in the new “Global Sourcing” series is the heart filled, mission bound, Baya St. Barth curated by the incredible Sonia Briand.

Baya St. Barth storefront next to brand owner and curator, Sonia Briand.

Morpholio was invited to visit Baya to get the full story on her unique collection. Sonia herself sources items from around the world that are produced by traditional craft, use sustainable practices, and support marginalized communities. The brand acts as a vessel for the stories of artisans on almost every continent. Even better, Sonia’s passion for showcasing those stories alongside the products makes a trip to her shop an experience in and of itself.

Handmade cotton textiles from Mali are displayed alongside pieces from more established brands that meet fair trade, labor ethics and sustainability standards.

Sonia’s work empowers communities from New Guinea, to Madagascar, to Columbia. By bringing their local goods to a global market, she is creating opportunities for incredibly talented artisans who may also be refugees, non-profit collaboratives, or simply individuals who have something beautiful to offer without access to mainstream buyers.

Woven cotton chandeliers created by refugee women from Afghanistan who are resettled in Pakistan.

“I speak to them with my eyes, and there is no misunderstanding,” Sonia explains when asked about how she communicates with her suppliers and the language barriers that can present challenges to the “one of a kind” sourcing that designers crave.

Items from the new Baya St. Barth collection combine with other Board products to complete a design.

Whether you are looking for unique furniture, accents, or accessories, Baya is essential sourcing for your boards, your home and your clients. Follow along or reach out to @BayaStBarth to discover more of the global, eco-chic aesthetic and bring some of Sonia’s wonderlust and passion into your projects.

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