How To…Make Interior Spreadsheets & Cut Sheets in Seconds

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3 min readJul 22, 2018

What if furniture spreadsheets & cut sheets could instantly be made for you? Meet “Ava”, your new best friend, who will automatically generate them from any moodboard you make. Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or decorator, your life just got a whole lot easier. :)

The problem is simple but huge. For every interior design project, there are three separate and often tedious presentations to be created; the design or moodboard for the client, the book of cut sheets and specs for the drawing set, and the product list for purchasing. On today’s desktop, each one is independent and created with different programs, making the process both inefficient and painstaking. Between hunting data, laying out images and assembling the details, the hours pile on, costly mistakes are made, and design budgets shrink.

Meet Ava.
What if designers could work visually, creating a mood or design board of images, and then magically flip it over to reveal an editable spreadsheet of its contents? Then, flip it again and find a book of customizable cut sheets already made and ready to export or present. This is Ava. Short for Automated Visual Assembly, Ava is the future of design documents. Created fordesigners of all types who want to work with images, while allowing precise, as well as beautiful, documents to be automatically generated for them.

Here’s how, and…it’s this easy:

Cut Sheet

Tap the “Cut Sheet” tab and your Board instantly turns into a series of documents to give to any contractor or client.


Tap the “List” tab and your Board instantly turns into a spreadsheet for purchasing or pricing. Export to Excel and add as many additional fields as you need.

Presentation Mode

Ava also becomes a powerful new presentation tool. With the tap of a single button Ava hides all of the editing functions and turns boards, cut sheets, and lists into a dynamic presentation that can be viewed with breathtaking clarity on the iPad or projected on to larger screens. Whether it’s a formal meeting, site visit or a work session exploring options, Board lets you feel your way through various schemes while materials, décor and patterns come to life against a sparkling white and minimalist interface.

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