Build your First Mood Board in 5 Easy Steps

morpholio board
3 min readApr 27, 2022


Here’s How…

Step 1: Start a New Project!

Launch a new project by tapping “Blank.”

Expert Tip: Hit the Grid icon if you want to change page sizes, adjust the board background, or turn on a grid.


Step 2: Add Images

Add images to your Mood Board by tapping the Photo icon or Web Clipper Safari icon.

Expert Tip: Bring in photos that complement each other and then use edit tools at bottom to remove white backgrounds, crop, copy, mirror and more.


Step 3: Add Text

Tap the Text icon and give your board an exciting title to commit to your idea! Some examples are “Bali Bound”, “Cool & Cozy” or “Romantic Garden.”


Step 4: Add a Furniture Icon

Tap “Products” or “Featured” to find a signature piece of high-design furniture. Long press and drag in.

Expert Tip: Use Magic Wand icon to remove a white background.


Step 5: Bring in a Pop of Color

End with a major color accent. Tap the Swatch icon to add a color paint chip, accent colors or palettes.

Expert Tip: Use the dropper to pick the most stunning colors from your images.

Time to Flex!

Export your Board as an image and share with the world! Post on your Instagram and tag @morpholioboard & Made w/ #MorpholioBoard so we can find you and share your work.

About Morpholio Board — The Best Mood Board App

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Why Morpholio Board for Architects and Interior Designers?

Morpholio Apps are not only the best apps for architects, interior designers, decorators and landscape designers, they also now work as a perfect compliment to, and seamlessly with, all of your favorite architectural and interior design software. This includes Autodesk AutoCad, TinkerCad, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Pinterest, Adobe Photoshop, Shapr3D, UMake and many more. In addition, your Apple iPad, iPhone and Apple Pencil will never be more exciting to use as Morpholio’s suite of drawing, design and mood board apps become even more essential in your design process.

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