3 Tips for the Perfect Home Office w/ Knoll + Muuto

Looking for creative work solutions at home? Clearly, you’re not alone. If the goal is to create a better home office environment, we need smart and stylish ways for our spaces to evolve. Fortunately, one of the industry’s most trusted names in both workplace design and sophisticated living is taking a fresh look.

This year, Knoll launched Knoll + Muuto Work from Home, providing some fantastic solutions for those of us looking for more versatile ways to live, work, and learn at home. Here are three tips that will help you create the space that you or your clients need to thrive!


01. Stimulate Your Senses.

“The Pebble Rug is inspired by the feeling of walking across a pebbled beach. With a handwoven structure, Pebble Rug contrasts its soft, woolen loops with a sturdy canvas base in cooling jute yarn.”

Muuto Pebble Rug, Fiber Side Chair - Tube Base, Rockwell Unscripted Easy Table, Quoin Mobile Cart


02. Embrace Transformation.

Muuto’s collection adapts to today’s residential lifestyle. Carve out a nook where you can stay organized, focused and efficient. These contemporary pieces set the mood for work, while still embracing the Scandinavian style needed for any home environment.

Fiber Armchair - Swivel Base, Rockwell Unscripted Easy Table, Restore Tray, Restore Basket, Tip Table Lamp, Oslo Side Chair, Compile Bookend


03. Make it Comfy.

Whether you are working or relaxing, a lounge chair offers around the clock comfort. From sending emails, jumping on calls, to reading a good book, a lounge chair provides a place for repose and reflection. Pair it with the Hipso Height Adjustable Desk and you also have a standing option, so you never spend too much time in one spot!

Muuto Cover Armchair, Saarinen Side Table, Hipso Height-Adjustable Desk, ReGeneration by Knoll Chair, Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp, and Dots Wood Coat Hooks


More about Muuto + Knoll

Muuto strives to offer new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Their contemporary pieces promise “enduring aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship,” but we also love their soft feel and refined color palettes. For these uniquely challenging times, Knoll has hand curated a collection of their most adaptable and multi-functional modern designs specifically geared toward working, living and dining. And, as an added bonus, Knoll is offering complimentary shipping in just 1–3 days for Knoll + Muuto Work from Home furniture!

See it all at Knoll or check out @knollinc on Instagram for more inspiration.

In the Morpholio Community, design is our collective starting point, and these products take seriously the desire to live better in support of a healthier population and planet. Stay tuned as we bring you more of today’s most innovative products and companies!

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